Best Corporate Citizens Research Methodology Public Comment 

Comment on Proposed Changes to CR Magazine’s Corporate Citizens Research Methodology


Corporate Responsibility (CR) Magazine and the Corporate Responsibility Officers Association (CROA) share a common purpose in advancing corporate accountability and responsibility. Each year we engage with the CROA’s Ratings and Rankings Committee (formerly the Methodology Committee) and other stakeholders to do a comprehensive review of the methodology.


The output of that review is a “Methodology Change File” which is now available for public comment.  The changes discussed in that documents will take place with the 2014 list, to be released in the spring of 2014, research for which will begin in January 2013. We are currently discussing changes in the following areas:


  • Human Rights Category
  • Corporate Governance Category
  • Category Weightings

We welcome input on those changes from any stakeholders. Click the links below to view a detailed overview of the methodology, a full listing of all data elements, and the changes file for the 2014 listing.


You can help ensure these data elements reflect best thinking by reviewing the proposed changes file and providing your comments no later than December 14, 2012. Anyone wishing to comment on these proposed changes or practices may do so.


Simply e-mail comments to Please include Comments on 2014 Data Element Changes in the subject line of your message. For each comment, please refer to the issue number listed in the left column of the changes document. If you attach a document, please use either Word or PDF formats only.