Business Ethics Annual Award Winners: 1989-2006 

2006: 18th Annual Business Ethics Awards

  • Starbucks Coffee Company, Corporate Responsibility Management -- For leadership and excellence in best practices in the field of corporate responsibility
  • Patagonia Inc., Environmental Sustainability -- For its unique commitment to developing sustainable business practices
  • Hypertherm Inc., General Excellence -- For its focus on creating quality product in collaboration with employees, business partners and customers
  • Berrett-Koehler Publishers, Stakeholder Accountability -- For workplace innovation focusing on development of people and products

2005: 17th Annual Business Ethics Awards

  • Intel, CSR Management Award -- For leadership and excellence in corporate social responsibility management.
  • South Mountain Company, Workplace Democracy Award -- For using employee ownership as the foundation of a life-enhancing company.
  • New Leaf Paper, Environmental Excellence Award -- For mainstreaming ecological principles into the paper industry.
  • Weaver Street Cooperative, Living Economy Award -- For its sustainable products, community focus, and democratic governance.

2004: 16th Annual Business Ethics Awards

  • Gap Inc., Social Reporting Award -- For taking social reporting a quantum step forward by risking unprecedented honesty in reporting on factory conditions.
  • Chroma Technology Corp., Living Economy Award -- For exemplifying the living economy with practices of employee ownership, fair wages, and environmental stewardship.
  • Dell, Inc., Environmental Progress Award -- For responding to stakeholder concerns with industry-leading computer-recycling initiatives.
  • Clif Bar Inc., General Excellence Award -- For its thorough-going commitment to environmental sustainability, employee well-being, and community involvement.
  • King Arthur Flour, Social Legacy Award -- For handing down to employee owners a centuries-old tradition of purity, for both the consumer and the environment.

2003: 15th Annual Awards

  • Organic Valley -- For being an exemplar of the living economy: locally rooted, human scale, stakeholder-owned, and life-serving.
  • Baxter Healthcare -- For rigor, transparency, and leadership in environmental accounting and reporting.
  • 3M -- For sustained commitment, innovation, and substantial impact in three decades of environmental stewardship.
  • Antioch Company -- For sustaining a commitment to employee ownership and profit-sharing over 75 years, through two generations of management.

2002: 14th Annual Awards

  • White Dog Cafe -- For being an exemplar of the living economy: locally rooted, human scale, stakeholder-owned, and life-serving.
  • Fastener Industries -- For its 20-year commitment to democratic governance and employee ownership.
  • New Belgium Brewing Company -- For a dedication to environmental excellence in every part of its innovative brewing process.

2001: 13th Annual Awards

  • The Collins Companies -- For its pioneering commitment to sustainably harvested timber, through three generations of management.
  • Chatsworth Products Inc. -- For a decade of leadership in promoting employee ownership, both inside and outside the company.
  • The Timberland Company -- For community service partnerships and volunteerism that raise the benchmark on good corporate citizenship.

2000: 12th Annual Awards

  • The Bureau of National Affairs, Inc. -- For over a half-century of dedication to employee ownership, despite pressures to sell the company.
  • Iceland -- For a precedent-setting move in the U.K. toward the sale of all-organic store-brand food, at non-organic prices.
  • Whole Foods Market -- For a broad-based commitment to customer, stockholder, employee, community, and environmental service.

1999: 11th Annual Awards

  • St. Luke's, Employee Ownership -- For creating a visionary model of employee ownership, out of the crisis of an unwanted merger.
  • Equal Exchange, Stakeholder Relations -- For its path-breaking approach to fair trade, defining supplier welfare as part of business success.
  • Fetzer Vineyards, Environmental Excellence -- For a broad-based approach to environmental sustainability, combined with financial excellence.

1998: 10th Annual Awards

  • SmithKline Beecham -- For its $1 billion commitment to disease eradication
  • Wainwright Bank -- For dedication to social justice, internally and externally.
  • S.C. Johnson -- For its focus on sustainable community development.

1997: 9th Annual Awards

  • Herman Miller -- For setting new standards in industrial eco-efficiency
  • Life USA -- For bringing effective employee- and agent-ownership to the insurance industry
  • Medtronic -- For its ethical commitment to making human life better

1996: 8th Annual Awards

  • General Motors -- For environmental excellence in production processes.
  • Reebok -- For human rights combating child labor in Pakistan.
  • Bank of America -- For general excellence in ethics, environment, and community banking.

1995: 7th Annual Awards

  • Xerox Corp -- For unprecedented success with workplace diversity and employee relations.
  • Home Depot Inc. -- For superior community involvement from all levels of the company.
  • Odwalla Inc -- For incorporating outstanding environmentalism in everything it does.

1994: 6th Annual Awards

  • Hewlett-Packard -- For its commitment to conducting business with special regard to employees, customers, community, and the environment.
  • Digital Equipment Corporation -- For its dedication to being a good employer and an asset to its community.
  • Silicon Graphics -- For its innovative employee relations and involvement in the community.

1993: 5th Annual Awards

  • Aveda -- For building environmentalism into every aspect of its business operation.
  • Levi Strauss -- For its leadership in the area of human rights.
  • Merck -- For building a reputation for putting human lives above profits.

1992: 4th Annual Awards

  • Avis -- For its groundbreaking efforts in creating 100 percent employee ownership at a major corporation
  • Springfield Remanufacturing -- For its innovations combining employee ownership with financial education for employees.
  • Weirton Steel -- For using employee ownership as a turnaround strategy in the struggling steel industry.

1991: 3rd Annual Awards

  • Beth Israel Hospital -- For its exceptional support of women in the workforce
  • Polaroid -- For innovation in employee ownership and involvement
  • Monsanto -- For making great strides in reducing environmental pollution

1990: 2nd Annual Awards

  • Patagonia -- For dedication to the natural world and a spirit of adventure in outdoor clothing
  • Quickie Designs -- For making possible an active lifestyle for the disabled
  • Stonyfield Farms -- For a commitment to nutrition, sustainable agriculture, and support of family farmers

1989: 1st Annual Awards

  • H B Fuller -- For adopting the highest global environmental standards
  • Herman Miller -- For enlarging the concept of employee ownership
  • Johnson & Johnson -- For sustainable ethics-based decision making over 4 decades